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Project Description

What is it all about?

The component advadev Data Storage allows you to save data objects by its XML-Serialization easily in generic data storages. And you can do this without the need of a custom data access layer implementation. Supported data storages of this component are:
  • XML-Files
  • Directory with XML-Files
  • SQL Server Databases
  • Memory (not persistent!)
Additional to that this component provides support to publish and consume such data storages as WCF services. Custom data storages can be implemented in addition without a big effort

What is the intention of this component?

The main use case in mind is to use this component in small applications or for prototypes. In all places where the implementation of a custom data access layer would be a too big effort and only simple (XML-serializable) data objects are in use

How can I use this component?

You must add this component as reference to you .Net application. All classes for which you plan to save objects by using this component must implement also the interface IGenericObject (which just have an ID-Property to identify objects). According to the selected data storage some additional adaptions have to be made:
  • XML File Data Storage: You must provide a file name (and this file must be readable and writeable
  • XML Directory Data Storage: You must provide a path name where to place the files (and it must be readable and writeable)
  • SQL Server Data Storage: You must create a matching data base table and provide this as a “Connection String” (the detailed database schema is also documented)
  • Memory Data Storage: This data storage is immediately usable
  • Service Data Storage: You must publish the data storage as service and provide the connection data
Hint: You can publish a certain data storage one time as WCF-Service and after that you can use it in all of your applications without any additional effort

Example Code

IDataStorage myDataStorage = new XmlFileDataStorage("Demo Application", ".\datastorage.xml");
myDataStorage.Save<User>(new User(1, "Tom"));
User user = myDataStorage.Find<User>("1");

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