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Change error handling for not de-serializable data objects


Current Behaviour
If a not xml de-serializable data-object has been saved it will not be returned by the "find" and "select" calls. It will be returned NULL (for "find" calls) and will not be in the result list (for "select" calls). There is no information available that a data object has been saved which could not be read

Requested Behaviour
There should be a notification if a data-object is not readable

Solution 1)
Throw an exception if the de-serialization fails. The consequence is, that all calls which have a relationship to this invalid data object ("find", "select" ...) will fail and the data storage is not really usable any more. This should be avoided

Solution 2)
Check while saving a data object if it could be de-serialized. Throw an exception if not. Note - there is still a chance that there is a not de-serializable data object in the data storage if the implementation of its class had been changed in an unaprobriat way after saving it
=> This is the preferred solution
Closed Sep 18, 2013 at 7:38 AM by advadev